Get ready for four days of non-stop, world-class entertainment featuring Rock music's biggest and hottest acts. We've got a two million dollar talent lineup, coming together for the biggest show of them all. Rock USA also means great food, great shopping, plus our expansive campground located right on the site. Rock USA, get ready to join the party



ROCK USA is now coming up on its 4th Birthday Celebration! Our goal is still the same as it has been since we began. That goal is to produce a kick ass outdoor Rock Music Festival with the very best, world-class superstar entertainment that money can buy. This year we booked 13 acts in your top 40 requests from our “Who do you want” on-line poll!



Rock USA does not allow tailgating or fires of any kind on Rock USA parking lots. Rock USA does not allow food or beverage carry-ins to the concert grounds. All persons are subject to security search at entry gates. Food and beverages will be confiscated. VIOLATORS TICKETS AND/OR WRISTBANDS WILL BE CONFISCATED. VIOLATORS WILL BE EJECTED



Country USA & Rock USA are the only authorized sellers of any and all Country USA & Rock USA tickets or camping tokens. This includes the resale by ticket brokers or agencies.
WARNING: If you purchase a ticket from a ticket broker or any third party, Country USA and/or Rock USA will not guarantee that the tickets are valid, your tickets will be confiscated and you will be denied admission to the event. No re-sale of tickets is permitted via the internet including but not limited to eBay and Craigslist or any other interactive media except through the official Country USA and Rock USA websites.



COUNTRY USA and ROCK USA are now hiring! Go to the “CONTACTS” tab for info. Looking forward to Country USA and Rock USA? Why not get paid while listening to the great music? IF YOU DID NOT WORK LAST YEAR YOU MUST FILL OUT AN APPLICATION & BRING TO THE CORRECT JOB FAIR FOR THE POSITION YOU ARE INTERESTED IN. IF YOU WORKED LAST YEAR GO TO THE “CONTACTS” TAB & FILL OUT THE APPROPRIATE FORM FOR RE-HIRE. THE FOOD COURT HIRING FAIR APRIL 12TH BETWEEN 11AM & 3PM - OR - APRIL 13TH BETWEEN 11AM & 3PM Which is being held at the LA QUINTA INN in Oshkosh, 1886 Rath Lane Located at the intersections of Highways 41 & 21 THE SECURITY HIRING FAIR APRIL 26TH BETWEEN 10AM & 4PM - OR- APRIL 27TH BETWEEN 10AM & NOON Which is being held at the COMFORT SUITES, WISCONSIN AVENUE, APPLETON THE BARTENDERS HIRING FAIR TUESDAY, APRIL 22ND BETWEEN 11AM & 7PM – OR - WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23RD BETWEEN 10AM & 3PM Which is being held at the LA QUINTA INN in Oshkosh 1886 Rath Lane Located at the intersections of highways 41 & 21 IF YOU DID NOT WORK LAST YEAR YOU MUST ATTEND!



TAKING IT TO THE EDGE. Rock USA has branded itself as 'Solid Rock. No Limits.' and will present an incredibly broad mix of world-class rockstars in an effort to kick up the festival experience. Don't try to lay a description on our talent mix because it won't work. We intend to break a few rules and we intend to get downright aggressive about it. Count on it... we will take it to the edge. If it's kickass festival stuff... it belongs at Rock USA!

BIG EVENT. DISCOUNT TICKETS. The biggest news yet is Rock USA's aggressive ticket marketing concept. We are going to give you three outrageous days of world-class rock at discount prices. We know the money doesn't come easy and it's tough out there. You shouldn't have to pay through the nose for tickets! Our goal is to offer the biggest entertainment value possible and we're going to sell Rock USA tickets at the lowest festival prices ever. At Rock USA you are going to get more and pay less! Watch for big news on slashed 2013 ticket prices.


THE ROCK EVENT. Rock USA at Oshkosh will open its gates to one of the nation's biggest annual rock festivals ever. This is your event... the big one... the one you cannot miss!

New Parking Safety Band


Country USA, Inc., Rock USA, Inc., The Oshkosh Police Department and Winnebago County Sheriff's Department have expressed serious concerns regarding the safety of increasing high-risk pedestrian traffic on Washburn Avenue, (the frontage road). To underscore the problem, it was noted that a pedestrian was injured by a hit and run driver at last year's Country USA Festival.

In an effort to keep concert fans safe, Country USA, Inc. and Rock USA, Inc. will implement a new policy for this year's festivals. Everyone attending the festivals will be required to have one of three wristbands to enter the actual concert grounds:

  1. Camping Wristband.

  2. VIP Wristband.

  3. Parking Safety Band. This new wristband has been created by Country USA and Rock USA in an attempt to reduce pedestrian traffic on Washburn Avenue for safety reasons.

The Parking Safety Band will be given out free upon purchasing a festival parking pass. Limit is 8 bands per vehicle, one parking pass per vehicle. A different color Safety band will be given out each day. Anyone entering the grounds on foot will be required to purchase a Safety Band for $5.00 per person. Again, the Safety Band will be given out free upon purchasing a festival parking pass. The purpose of the Safety Band is to encourage festival patrons to park in the safest location which Country USA believes to be the festival grounds.

In 2010 Country USA created a safe turn-around for pedestrian drop offs but this turn-around was used by less than 20 vehicles over the 5 days. We do realize this will be an inconvenience for the very few that used the turn-around, however safety is our number one concern and we will not allow exceptions.

If you have any questions about the new Parking Safety Band policy, please feel free to call the Starshow Ticket Center at 920-882-4944.